State insisted Daim and Garmany represent LCBN and Mujur Zaman
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State insisted Daim and Garmany represent LCBN and Mujur Zaman

Facebooker Lim Sian See revealed that Selangor state government insisted Daim and Garmany to represent LBCN Development Sdn Bhd and Mujur Zaman Sdn Bhd to get back their land and subsequently, sell the land to Eco World subsidiary, Paragon Pinnacle Sdn Bhd. Extract from his posting below: 




Penulis Facebook Lim SIan See dedahkan kerajaan negeri Selangor meletak syarat DAIm dan Garmany mewakili LCBN Development and Mujur Zaman Sdn Bhd untuk dapatkan kembali tanah dan seterusnya menjual tanah terssebutt kepada anak suarikat Eco World, Paragon Pinnacle Sdn Bhd. Petikan tulisan beliau berikut:


... public-listed company Eco World suddenly announced on Sept 2015 that they have signed a Sales and Purchase agreement to purchase the disputed land from LBCN and Mujur Zaman despite both of them having lost the High Court and Appeals court to claim back the land.…/apbursaweb/download…

EcoWorld is paying RM917mil to both LBCN and Mujur Zaman for part of the Ijok land that at that time was seized by the Selangor Govt.

More strange things happened later. Despite winning the High Court and Appeals Court case, the new Selangor Govt decided that they will lose in the Federal Court Case. This was the answer given by MB Azmin to a shocked MB Khalid in the Selangor DUN.

So, without actually fighting the case, the new Selangor Govt then signed a consent agreement in Federal Court dated 17 May 2016 agreeing to give back the land to both companies with the following two conditions:

1) The two companies can only sell the land to Paragon Pinnacle, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eco World - and cannot sell to any others.
2) The two companies must hire the law firm of Daim and Garmany to help them with this letter - and cannot appoint any others.

Daim and Garmany principle lawyers are the likes of PKR's Latheefa Koya, Eric Paulsen and Sivarasa Rasiah.

Suddenly, LBCN and Mujur Zaman fortunes has turned around while the Selangor Govt under Azmin suddenly lost more than 2,000 acres of land to private companies worth billions which was previously gained back by Khalid.

At the same time, Daim and Garmany get to have new clients courtesy of the Selangor State Govt.


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The notice given by LCBN and Mujur Zaman to the land office are as below:




Notis yang diserahkan LCBN dan Mujur Zaman kpada pejabat tanah adalah berikut:




Consent agreement from the Selangor state government to the Federal Court which revealed lawyers Sivarasa, Latheefa Koya, and Eric Paulsen representing Daim and Garmany acting on behalf of state government are below:




Perjanjian izin dari kerajaan negeri Selangor kepada Mahkamah Persekutuan yang mendedahkan peguam Sivarasa, Latheefa Koya dan Eric Paulsen mewakili Daim dan Garmany bertindak untuk kerajaan negeri adalah berikut:


Is N Surendran (in the picture at the top), Vice President of PKR and also a lawyer activist seldom seen with Sivarasa, Latheefa Koya and Eric Paulsen in voicing controversial issues together representing any party in the issue regarding compensation of farmers of PKPS whose land were taken over?


A relevent question in view of the farmers may not received yet their compensation after almost 20 years.




Adakah N Surendran, Naib Presiden PKR dan juga seorang aktivis peguam yang sering kelihatan bersama Sivarasa, Latheefa Koya dan Eric Paulsen dalam menyuarakan isu-isu kontroversi ada bersama mewakili mana-mana pihakk dalam isu pampasan petani-petani PKPS yang telah diambil tanah mereka?


Sati persoalan yang relevan memandangkan kemungkinan petani-petani ini masih belum mendapat pampasan mereka setelah hampir 20 tahun.