Sungai Yu land scandal to reward Azmin supporters
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Sungai Yu land scandal to reward Azmin supporters

Since the issue blow over in early November last month, there is a clear reluctance on the part of the Selangor government to response to the outcry by local residents of outsiders being rewarded land at Sungai Yu, Selangor.


According to Tanjung Karang MyPPP chairman P. Pluvandran, the Kuala Selangor district officer Shamsul Shahril Badliza Mohd Noor have been uncooperative. He evaded to meet residents to receive proofs to show recipients’ list is fraud. It is only at the third occasion was an officer assigned to meet and rreceive documents from the Kampung Sungai Yu Residents Action Group led by Chairman M. Purusothman.


In the meanwhile, a member of The Selangor state Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (SELCAT) and assemblyman for the affected constituency of Permatang, Datuk Sulaiman Abdul Razak said the committee could not reach a consensus whether there are grounds to warrant an investigation and public hearing into the alleged Kampung Sungai Yu land misappropriation.


The New Straits Times reported here that the SELCAT meeting chaired by Speaker Hannah Yeoh will only decide in the next Wednesday meeting. This raised perception that the state is buying time to cover-up the land misappropriation scandal.


According to  Kampung Sungai Yu Residents Action Group chairman M. Purusothman, majority of the recipients are outsiders and not the original residents of Kampung Sungai Yu, which comes under the Permatang constituency.


He alleged that out of the 175 recipients, only 61 were from Kampung Sungai Yu. The rest were outsiders, with some coming from as far as Johor, Penang, Melaka, Perak and Negri Sembilan.


A group of 50 disgruntled residents of Kampung Sungai Yu demanded on the district office to declare the list of recipients for residential lots issued by the state government meant for the Indian community be declared as null and void due presence of non genuine residents in the list.


The alleged land misappropriation include awarding of more than one lot per family, reselling of plots by several individuals, and registeration using non-existent MyKad.


Utusan Malaysia here reported a local resident of Sungai Yu, B. Vakran revealed that there are 18 names with no record at the Department of National Registration given land. Dato Sulaiman told The Malaysian Insight here that he has offered to be a witness to any state government investigation.


P. Puvandran urged the relevant authorities and the state government to investigate the matter. He said to Sundaily here, “Those eligible to receive the land are families whose household income is RM3,000 or less and do not own any land.


"However, some well-to-do families who own land were also given plots. Where is the justice?"


The suspicion among the local residents of Sungai Yu is that the outsiders awarded the land are PKR supporters of Dato Seri Azmin Ali.