Azmin took his cut but farmers denied promised money and home
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Azmin took his cut but farmers denied promised money and home

In November last year, 2017, the Member of Parliament for Kuala Selangor, Dato Seri Irmohizam bin Ibrahim issued a statement asking has the compensation for the former land owners in the PKPS farmers program paid. Read HERE.


In addition, several youth leaders have made statements and reports to MACC to champion the poor farmers made to wait for their compensation since giving up their land for development since 1999. No response has been forthcoming.


Ecoworld Development Berhad announced the purchase of plots of lands worth RM1.18 billion back in September 2015. Read HERE. The money for the land purchase should have been disbursed since Eco World has embarked on its property development projects and on a sales promotion. Land transfer would have been sorted out to enabe development order issued by the state. Money must be already paid to the Mujur Zaman and LBCN development.


Sources among the original owners said they have been approached by Latheefa Koya of the legal firm of Daim & Garmany. They were given assurance by her that the promised disbursement of money and home. She requested their patience. As of Janurary 2018 today, there have been no development on the money and the promised home. 


The partners of Daim & Garmany are politician and activists linked to PKR, nemely Latheefa herself, Sivarasa and Eric Paulsen. Their counterpart representing the state government is N Surendran, PKR Vice President and their fellow activists.  


Court sources claimed that the money is stuck because rightful and controlling shareholders of LBCN and Mujur Zaman, Dato Chin Chan Leung is stuck in a legal dispute with his financiers over  the money. It was revealed in during court trial that entities close to Azmin Ali were paid the bulk of the RM1.18 billion paid by Eco WOrld and the balance due to Chin Chan Leung is frozen. Thus this affected the poor farmers whose now had to survive on odd jobs and renting homes for coming to 20 years!


Azmin withdrew from a court decision in favour of the state government to give back the land to the farmers and resolve the issue by insisting the land be sold to Eco World. If there is truth that Azmin got his share of the land sales, then he managed to do so at the expense of the poor farmers. The settlement by the state was meant to ensure the farmers get their land and home but it is Azmin that benefit immensely.


To whom is the money meant for? Is this not corruption as defined under the MACC law?