Daim returning to former firm Daim and Gamany
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Daim returning to former firm Daim and Gamany

There is a rumour blowing in Kuala Lumpur that former Finance Minister, Tun Daim Zainuddin reseated and passed his CLP examination. A stronger rumour among the legal fraternity is that Daim will be rejoining the law firm he established in 1968 and still bearing his name, Daim & Gamany. There is still no news on whether he has re-entered the Bar.


Most Malaysian today only knew of Daim as businessman and politician, but only those from the earlier days remember him as a lawyer. An excerpt from Wikipedia HERE covered this short history of Daim in the legal profession:


Career-wise, Daim would have ended up as a teacher except that due to some miscommunication he had been totally unaware that his name was on the list of successful candidates for Brinsford College, England, a teacher training college.


Throughout his youth, he was very much encouraged by a mother who wanted him to further his studies and a father who wanted him to become a lawyer. His mother sold some land to raise money for him to study law in England. Realizing that "time is money", the former absentee student became a diligent and disciplined scholar in law who after eighteen months at Lincoln's Inn London and at the youthful age of 21, was called to the English Bar in 1959. It was also during his student days in London that he developed his voracious appetite for reading which till today is his favourite pastime.


Early career


Upon his return to Malaysia, he started reading in the chambers of Pillai & Co. and later, the chambers of Shearn Delamore which was then the largest law firm in Kuala Lumpur. In 1961, he decided to move and work in Kota BharuKelantan under the tutelage of Encik Wan Mustaffa who was legal adviser to the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PMIP) which later became known as Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS). After his stint in Kota Bharu, he joined the Malaysian Civil Service as a Magistrate, then became the President of the Sessions Court in Johor and subsequently became Deputy Public Prosecutor in IpohPerak. He resigned from the service in 1965, returned to Kuala Lumpur and joined the law firm of Allen & Gledhill for the next three years till his resignation in 1968 to start his own law practice of Daim & Gamany. In 1969, however, he decided to venture into business.


Whether Daim will eventually become a partner, it is still uncertain. Current partners of Daim & Gamany are as fallows


This rumour is somewhat perplexing as to why he need to return back to the legal profession at this late age. Few months ago, Daim & Gamany advertised to tti



Little would anyone guess that they could be hiring Daim. A man of his wealth could retain the services of the best lawyers and not limitting to "the services of judges" in town. Surely he is not joining for the sake of earning some income for weekend rojak or retirement as litigation lawyer.


The immediate matter than came to mind must be to salvage his former firm which is currently tarnished by MACC investigation into the brother of partner, Sivarasa Rasiah for use of the firm as conduit to recive commission for Selangor Ku, affordable housing scheme. The proof of existence of such activities is available online:


There is no development on this investigation in the media. However, there is the investigation on Mujur Zaman and LCBN in which Daim & Gamany as represented by Latheefa Koya is supposed to represent the settlers of the PKPS program for farmers in securing their promised money and home from these developers after a long wait of almost more than 20 years. 


In theie negotation with the Selangor state government, there is conflict of interest in which the lawyer representing the PKR led government is PKR VIce President, N Surendran. Senior partner, Sivarasa Rasiah is a PKR MP for Subang and is a member of the highest committee in PKR.


Latheefa and Eric Paulsen brand themselves as legal activist. Latheefa and Eric are known to be taking up cases to defend PKR members including Anwar Ibrahim with role sin PKR and the opposition.


The delayed resolution to the plight of the farmers could raise suspicion that there was a collussion between the lawyers rerpresenting the farmers and Selangor sstate government. It is more significant since there is sufficient ground to suspect Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Azmin Ali is suspected to have benefited immensely from the sales of Ijak land including that of farmers for RM1.18 billoon consideration to Eco World.


THe figure bandied about is RM800 million. There is possibility that the money could be political slush fund for PKR and Pakatan Harapan, thus Daim is required to help "cleanse" the money needed for the upcoming 14th general election.


In addition, there is also the takeover over SPLASH by the Selangor state government, in which the shareholders are holding out and manage to het Azmin Ali to agree for a higher RM2.7 billion price over the earlier price of RM300 million agreed by former Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. The shareholders leading the negotiation os Tan Sri Wan Azmi, a member of the Board of Trustee of PKR's Institiut Rakyat. It is strongly rumoured from the early days of the water privatisation to SPLASH that Daim may have a cut in the equity as it is quite customary for him to have the major shareholder as proxy. 


Nevertheless, the question puzzling lawyers in the know in the legal fraternity as to why Daim need to get his CLP and return to the Bar and his former firm. Is the former Magistrate setting his sight to move into the Attorney General office or the remote possibility of sighting his sight as Chief Justice? That would depend on PPBM, the opposition party he is involved with Tun Dr Mahathir managed to seize power.