Suspected RM56 mil. out of RM71 mil. disbursed by MBI for UNISEL not accounted
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Suspected RM56 mil. out of RM71 mil. disbursed by MBI for UNISEL not accounted

An extract from SELANGOR LEAKS posting dated July 17th 2017 HERE reads:


Despite being terminated and stopped payment by Universiti Selangor (UNISEL), Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd (Jana Niaga) attempted to make claim for payments through the court. UNISEL managed to get a stay on the proceeding pending arbitration from the High Court on December 7, 2013 and upheld by the Court of Appeal on July2, 2013.

According to the legal firm of Raj, Ong and Yudistra in their legal opinion dated 30 November 2016 to UNISEL, there was no attempt to seek arbitration by Jana Niaga. The amount owed by Jana Niaga to UNISEL is RM60,431,515-16 including an advance of RM10 million from MBI on 24 February 2015. Jana Niaga disputed the figure and claimed UNISEL owe them as per their statement of account dated February 28, 2015 the amount of RM63,730,356-20.

The action of Jana Niaga is expected of businesses to protect their interest but the actions taken by MBI in the solution raised concern to the Selangor civil servants whose aware of the dispute. To address the faulty work of Jana Niaga, UNISEL had to "borrow" money from MBI thru issuance of shares to MBI. Jana Niaga is supposed to pay RM53,431,-5-16 for the rehabilitation work paid by MBI.  

According to Raj, Ong and Yudistra, the reasons by Jana Niaga to dispute the termination is weak. UNISEL has a good and arguable defense in their favour. Thus it supports UNISEL position to disagree with MBI's proposed resolution in the material time. MBI made the RM10 million advance WITHOUT the consent of UNISEL. 


The opposition of UNISEL management is clearly seen in a letter by the President and Vice Chancellor of UNISEL, Prof Dato Dr Mohammad Redhuan Othman. In this posting dated Julu 26th 2017, HERE, it is clear that UNISEL took the position to disagree with the actions of MBI and passed the responsibility to resolve to them. Upon being forced to, the Board of Directors of Pendidikan Industri Ys Sdn Bhd (PIYSB) reluctantly passed a resolution to allow MBI to pay the RM10 million to Jana Niaga.


Sources claimed the Board of Directors and management of UNISEL had willingly collaborated to save MBI from anywrongdoings. The legal opinions they hold on to are conveniently brushed aside. However, there is one glitch to this attempted cover-up.


Although RM16 million were disbursed to and instructed by MBI for UNISEL to pay Jana Niaga, the money disbursed by MBI for this purpose is RM71 million. So what happenned to the balance of RM56 million?


All money disbursed require the signed approval from Menteri Besar Dato Seri Azmin Ali. The money disbursed to Jana Niaga seemed to have come into the account and quickly paid out under the name of "staffs". The payments made are not justified and is suspected to be intended for illegal purpose including corruption. Azmin may have to answer for allowing the disbursement of illegal transactions. 


Not only was Jana Niaga not entitled to be paid for any compensation, their building management contract that was terminated by former Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was renewed by Azmin. They got paid some compensation RM16 million.


Did Jana Niaga involved in channeling RM56 million out for Azmin in exchange to get their RM16 million and renewal?