Crime is a crime: Disbursing PKPS farmers compensation does not absolve
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Crime is a crime: Disbursing PKPS farmers compensation does not absolve

On Sunday February 11th, Selangor government portal, Selangorkini proudly claimed the Selangor government led by Dato Seri Azmin Ali made effort to resolve a 20-year old impasse between 980 PKPS farmer-settlers and developers LBCN Development Sdn Bhd and Mujur Zaman Sdn Bhd.


In a signing ceremony between new home owners and Ecoworld Development subsidiary, Paragon Pinnacle Sdn Bhd, Selangorkini reported the farmers are given compensation of RM180,000 cash and house valued at RM250,000. Azmin claimed the market value for the house given to them is RM400,000. He went on to claim he successfully resolved a problem in which previous government failed to do so.


By solving this long overdue problem, he would be seen as helping the people in the eyes of the simple folks who would view the resolution to the problem matter most.


However, by giving money to the settlers, it does not mean Azmin may have not taken any money as alleged and had been the main contention of SELANGOR-LEAKS.


Ecoworld paid RM1.18 billion for the land and supposed to have absorbed the cost of the homes. It will come down to about RM245 million. To include RM176 million cash claimed to be paid in 2016, a total RM421 million was paid to the PKPS farmer-settlers.  


Is it true the PKPS farmer-settlers were already paid cash of RM180,000 in 2016? Investigation on the ground found the PKPS farmer-settlers have not be paid the cash compensation. Why? 


Without questioning further on whether PKPS farmer-settlers were adequately compensated for the 20 years wait, foregone interest and appreciation of land value in the area, where did the balance of the RM759 million from the RM1.18 billion paid by Ecoworld go to?


One need to recall back that it was previous administration of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that acquired the land upon finding out that there was no development on the land and the agreed time to develop had expired. 


It is believed that LBCN Development and Mujur Zaman never paid for land, except perhaps some token to the PKPS farmer-settlers. The visible men behind the scheme, Dato Chin Chan Leung, who was charged for insider trading in Fountain View Berhad shares, and Dato Khairuddin Abu Hasan never plan to develop the land but was more interested to flip the lands into a public listed company for quick money in the form of cash or exchange for shares. That way it is the listed company that will be burden to raise financing and do the work to finish the development.    


The insider trading charge may have scuttled Chin Chan Leung plan.  


Sources claimed LBCN and Mujur Zaman were not paid any money from the Eco World transaction. It puts the identity of the beneficiary of the Ecoworld money uncertain. If there is no hanky panky, one may likely assume the money went to the Selangor state government. If so, it raises the issue of why should they benefit from the purchase of the land to Ecoworld? Should not all the balance of the money belong to the PKPS farmer-settlers?


While Azmin claimed hero for resolving the problem, he stand guilty of abusing the power of the state government to “steal” the land from the people and benefit from it? Does it make sense for the state government to expect to be paid RM759 million “consultancy fee” for resolving the problem? If it is not the state government, then who gets paid – MBI Selangor or any other external party/ies?


The lawyers of Daim & Gamany and legal adviser to the Selangor state government, N Surendran should be in the know. Apparently, the legal firm of Daim & Gamany was paid legal fee of RM5 million for acting as conduit to receive the payment from Ecoworld.


If Khalid was not removed, the payment of the RM1.18 billion would be more transparent and clear to be the Selangor state government and not through a legal firm. That money would benefit the people of Selangor directly then enrich further developers and other unscrupulous individuals.


MACC should not be duped into thinking the problem is resolved. A crime is a crime and it should be investigated. The farmers were victimised. Do not play politics!