Consultants as conduit to äbscond RM290 million settlers' money exposed!
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Consultants as conduit to äbscond RM290 million settlers' money exposed!

SELANGOR LEAKS received the above piece of information in which it is said to be in the Settlement Agreemet of 2015. At a time, some settlers just realised that negotiations in 2015 behind their back led to the sales of "their land" to Eco World for RM1.18 billion. Azmin attempted to paint a bright picture as though he is the saviour to the settlers.



Unfortunately, there is a conflicting statement emanating from MB Office.


At one time, Azmin uttered below:

It is not the truth and obviously to the public that the settler were shortchanged


Now it was raised by Facebooker Lim Sian See yesterday the following:


This comes from Chegubard who has been following the Ijok scandal for many months and just made another MACC report.

This is just a section of where the RM1.18 billion from the sale of the settlers' land goes to.

It is not the full settlement agreement which Selangor Govt has refused to disclose to the public.

What is the purpose of these payments to 3rd parties that already amount to RM260mil? They are not to clear the loans to banks or to the settlers.

"Consulting" companies? "Advisory" companies? "Management" companies?

Why were they paid?

Last week, the Pakatan and Selangor state reps say RM300mil goes to settlers and a big portion of the RM880mil retained by the two crony companies were going to settle bank loans owed by the crony companies. But it looks like a big portion has now gone to pay 3rd parties.

What about the remaining RM620mil? Where did it go to and are there other 3rd parties being paid?

I am sure the MACC is following the money trails. Would be interesting to see where the money finally ends-up.






Out of RM1.18 billion and after paying for the settlers money and building their homes which will only complete by 2020, there is RM757 million money that should be for settlers'money not disclosed. This expose shows RM290 million paid off to 7 companies guised as consultant and various so-called services but suspiciously are money likely to be leaked away as corruption or political slush fund of PKR.


Where has the remaining RM620 million gone to?